Novaris FIDO Security


Fido security tokens are the most modern FIDO tokens on the market, and are developed by Feitian. Currently, our tokens are suitable for OTP, U2F, FIDO and FIDO2.

The standardization is taking it up worldwide, and new products and services that are fully compatible with FIDO become available every day. Major players such as Google and Microsoft have contributed to standardization and realization, providing more and more products with FIDO security authentication as standard.

Support for OTP systems is available for many systems. We can deliver the various seed formats (e.g. HEX, CSV, BASE32) upon request. For Microsoft Azure a dedicated support page is available . Using OTP tokens for Google is possible with the NFC programmable C200 token. A short video explains how . The seeds of programmable TOTP cards and NFC TOTP tokens can be programmed with special seed programming tools .

About FIDO

The FIDO Alliance has developed FIDO authentication based on public key cryptography for authentication that is more secure than, for example, passwords and texting, and is also easier to use for both consumers and service providers.

Replaces weak passwords with strong crypto hardware and biometric authentication.

The ePass FIDO products that FIDO Security has in its portfolio are produced by Feitian Technologies, and are fully certified by the FIDO Alliance.

All tokens are compatible with the latest software, and fully support FIDO2!

FIDO Security for Windows Hello

FIDO explained