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Orders can be placed by e-mail to , by telephone on +31 (0)74 2782438. It is easier to do it via the webshop.
The FIDO tokens are available in various versions, and can be printed with your own design. As a result, in addition to extremely modern security, you also get a good appearance. In the webshop you can choose from OTP products and FIDO products. For advanced PKI solutions, we refer you to Novaris Security Innovations.

OTP tokens

The traditional form of 2FA and widely used, are OTP tokens. OTP tokens use one-time passwords, called One-Time Passwords (OTP). FIDO Security provides OTP tokens where a code is displayed at the touch of a button to be entered into the application.


FIDO authentication is based on public-key encryption, which means that it does not have the inherent vulnerabilities of OTPs sent over insecure networks. With the Feitian BioPass, a simple fingerprint is even enough to log in securely to many applications.

Terms of Use and Purchase

Before purchasing, review carefully the technical specification of the products that you are going to order regarding the compatibility with your infrastructure. The technical specification for each token model is presented on the corresponding token page on the website. If a token is found unsuitable because the user did not review the device's technical specifications before ordering, all costs for returning the device will be borne by the customer.

The warranty period for our products is 2 years from the moment a device is shipped to its recipient. The warranty is valid under normal operating conditions and the absence of mechanical damages.

OATH tokens using the TOTP time-based algorithm for generating one-time passwords contain a built-in clock that may become desynchronized. Desynchronisation is not covered by our warranty. Per RFC 6238, the time difference between the token and server should be monitored by the server software. Re-synchronisation of OTP tokens is possible with our NFC enabled products.
Novaris FIDO security is not responsible for the work performed by shipping services, delays in shipping, or loss of a parcel due to the fault of the shipping service. But we take all possible reasonable measures to facilitate the expeditious delivery of your order. Depending on the laws of any given country, there may be additional fees (duties, taxes, etc.) associated with customs clearance. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay any duties and taxes required by their local customs authority.

On all our products and services the General Terms and Conditions of Sales apply.