Novaris FIDO Security

Passwords are a pain…

for you and your customers.

But there is a better way— FIDO! FIDO lets users log in easily, without the hassle of passwords! And without the risks. Replaces weak passwords with strong crypto hardware and biometric authentication. FIDO is built into the devices we use every day, so logging in with FIDO is safe, easy…and secure.

A single security key that can work on thousands of accounts with no shared secrets.

The FIDO security keys from Feitian work with hundreds of enterprise, developer and consumer applications, out-of-the-box and with no client software. ePass FIDO has the same size as a regular house key. Due to its robust design and low cost, the ePass FIDO offers significant cost savings compared to smart cards or traditional display tokens that need to be replaced regularly.

That’s why FIDO is the future of logins.

Privacy ensured

Because FIDO tokens are unique to any internet site, they cannot be used to track users on different sites.

In addition, biometric data never
leaves the user's key.

Highly secure

FIDO cryptographic login credentials are unique on any website, never leave the key and are never stored on a server.
This security model eliminates the risks of phishing, all forms of password theft, and replay attacks.


Users unlock the stored cryptographic
login credentials by touching
the key or placing a fingerprint.
A single FIDO security key is
suitable for thousands of many on-line applications.


Public-key cryptography

FIDO is based on public-key cryptography and is suitable for multiple user scenarios, including a strong first factor (passwordless), a strong second factor, and even multi-factor authentication. With these capabilities, the security key can completely replace weak static username/password with public key crypto hardware and biometric authentication to protect against phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks.


The FIDO protocols have been designed from the start to protect users' privacy. The protocols do not provide information that can be used by various online services to collaborate and track a user about the services. Biometric information, if used, never leaves the user's device.

Authentication protocols

FIDO standardizes the authentication protocol used between the user and the online service. The protocol is based on standard public-key cryptography. When registering with an online service, the user's device creates a new key pair. It retains the personal key and registers the public key with the online service. Later, with authentication, the service verifies that the user owns the private key by asking him to sign a challenge. The user's private keys can only be used after they are unlocked locally on the device. Local unlocking is achieved through a user-friendly and secure action, such as entering a PIN, placing a second-factor token, or giving a fingerprint.

FIDO2- Moving the World Beyond Passwords

FIDO2 is the new FIDO standard that provides a simple and secure login for web services based on PKI technology without the complexity. Depending on the implementation in the web service, so-called password-less login can be used. This password-free login is already supported by Microsoft in some of its web services, among other things, and other service providers are expected to follow soon.

Find more about how FIDO works at the FIDO Alliance website .

FIDO from Feitian Technologies

Novaris FIDO Security has been a full distributor of Feitian security products since 2002.

Feitian Technologies has been an active member of the FIDO alliance from the beginning, becoming the first in the world to supply FIDO2 products based on biometrics. FIDO2 is an extension of the previous FIDO U2F. It provides the same level of security based on public key cryptography. FIDO2 offers comprehensive authentication options, including strong single-factor (passwordless!), strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication.